An inspiring relationship – a victory of its kind

Victory is never achieved by constant pushing into a thing that never interests you. It is achievable once you have a certain interest in a kind of thing that surrounds the victory. May be it is finding the right choice of one’s job profile or finding the right candidate for being one’s lifeline. Within these uncertainties lies certain interests that makes one taste the victory desired for.

Taking a shot at finding a life-partner, it is never easy for the one who is bullied mostly in his certain period of life for appearing like a geek with no interest in the exterior happenings. No one took a pain to understand his point of ignorance or his fear of not making people stop bullying his appearance or mannerism. He may not portray the same outlook at present but the society would have already judged him from the past. Sometimes people take his silence as a preconceived answer but he was never asked for justification of his sealed lips.

Certain things as per such kind of guys is a waste of time to create noise for and ignorance is better to avoid any wastage of energy. But, no one knows that, this guy is a different person all-together when it matters to ones he cares for. Such people can go to extremes but in an organized way to fight the odds. Hence, it becomes tough for the other person to judge this kind of guy as a life-partner. Therefore, mostly the search continues for long until that guy finds a perfect partner for his future.

Then, comes one day that it is not just a meet over some water body that takes so many turns in life but probably it is the signal of the turning wind to set it up for a lifetime. One gets optimistic for the time to tell its tale, dreams high and sets the nervousness aside, cares more, speaks the heart out, acts stupid to bring a smile around. It is only that smile which counts for happiness. May be with a hope that the perfect search is over now and someone will be there for him to voice against all the fears of his life and make him feel important, this guy can now face anything that comes to him with a trust and confident of having someone to walk side-by-side.

Only that person will get to know the other valuable side of him that is important for a happy relationship. And there comes the first positive step towards an achievable victory by an interest of understanding one another for leading a better life.

“Certain victories are unique and some are sweetly engraved by some inspiring relationships. An inspiring relationship itself has a long story to tell the generations ahead.”

With love,


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My review “Dear Zindagi” – a brilliant message…


“Don’t let your past blackmail your present to ruin a beautiful future.”- This line is enough to say how beautiful I would have felt about the whole movie…

#GauriShinde let me start with her. She is the writer and the director of this beautiful play. Hatsoff mam…😊 She is now one of my favourite persons with in-depth knowledge of fine art. Indeed the movie has a superb direction. A chair that waits with its creaking story to be defined at the end for an emotion associated with the mentor itself; what a brilliant thought mam.

#AliaBhatt, this girl makes me speechless these days. What form of acting is she made of. Seriously she pulled it off with all flying colours and deserves all accolades. She is addorable and Kaira to stay long.
#ShahrukhKhan this man is a legend in itself. His presence makes you hope that he continues forever i.e the Jug should never be empty. Simple yet complicated life of everyone would be made easier if this Jug is filled deep within us. 😊

Visual presence, acting, direction and some valuable lesson or message to life makes it a must watch atleast once. Dont expect a brilliant story; its a different genre movie.

Needless to say, people expecting a whole lot drama and old bollywood stuff, please avoid. You need a cleaniness of your brain for art to understand the same.
It boils the blood in me when I fail to connect with some people who spend bucks and come to a theatre and have a chit-chat instead of enjoying the effort put in in making a complete movie.
“STFU guys” when you are in a theatre; you are not the one who have paid for it.

With Love,


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Beat the Heat


Beat the heat – A random theme from “office”

“Simi, are you listening to me? I’m not going to entertain the thing again. This is ridiculous and completely unethical.” Mr. Abhay was furious over some matter of his government colleagues and adding to same it was one of the hottest day in the city in years.

Some of his colleagues have broken into their boss’s cabin in his absence, due to unavailability of the “Air Conditioner” in their cubicles. They found no way but this as a better option to bear the unbearable heat of that day. Obviously it was unethical and hence Abhay, being an ethical persona, had opposed the same. But, no one listened to him. He, then kept himself busy with his work in his hot seat and was furious about the matter. He came back home after his office hours and was raising the same concern to his wife Simran.

Simran is one of the coolest lady one would have ever met. She knew how to calm down Abhay and then suggest him ideas for beating the heat in the office, let it be with his colleagues and the real sunny affair. She kept listening to whatever Abhay said and simultaneously humming her favorite Lataji’s number. She knew Abhay will speak his anger for a while and will be normal. Then, she can easily talk to Abhay about her ideas.

By now Abhay had stopped blabbering and had freshened up. His energy juice was ready at his study table and Simran like always was smiling at him in her way of calmness. Abhay after finishing his drink, said, “Simi, you never care for whatever I say, isn’t it? How can you be so calm, always?”

She winked and said, “Mr. Abhay, you still need to know a lot about me and you have a lifetime for same. Why to get so furious, when you can handle things patiently.” Abhay was expressionless for a second or so and then got busy nudging Simran in a fun and said, “It’s because, I get to listen to your best advices, sweetheart. Can you beat the heat for me, dear?”

Simran, caringly moved her hand over Abhay’s hair and said, “Well, you need a good hair color. You are getting old, Mr. Abhay and dependency isn’t always good. Hope, you understand the importance of being calm always.” Abhay laughed and said, “You are jealous of my female colleagues since they say, I’m still young at this age. Kindly advise my genius partner.” Simran then pushed Abhay and gestured not to take suggestions from her. Abhay then, held her hand and gave a sweet gesture to her. Simran had to stay back.

Simran suggested why they can’t form a union meeting at the office and sort out things. They can easily pour in ideas to beat the heat at office i.e between themselves and the rising temperature. The budget can be decided for “Air Conditioners” at different cubicle areas and concerns for same can be raised peacefully at the higher authorities. Then, colleagues can also keep calm and sort out the differences among themselves, maintaining a healthy balance of work culture.

Abhay knew that this suggestion was simple and known to all but no one ever thought of implementing it. He thanked Simran and they had the dinner that was served after the discussion.

Next day in office was another normal day and Abhay went on to cubicles after cubicles trying to push his colleagues for a meeting at union. All agreed to meet after lunch and then the meeting was successful with loads of ideas pouring in to beat the heat at the office. All of those were jotted down and handed over to the higher authorities, who promised them of some quick action and temporarily suggested to get extra rented table fans at each cubicle. Those will be taken care by the office fund.

Simran’s suggestions had worked miracles and Abhay was a happy guy on returning home that day. Excitedly he picked up Simran and went round in happiness and thanked her in his way of calmness. Everything seemed happy thereafter.

Like I always, quote everywhere, “If you can’t be the icing on the best cake, you can always be the part of the cake that justifies your appetite.” This is what Simran did for Abhay and they could easily justify “Beating the heat”.

With Love,

Rajdeep Satapathy

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Review: SPOTLIGHT – its spot on target…



Though I was very late to watch it, but it’s better late than never.

Coming out of the jinx of mainstream media and movies, “Spotlight” is worthy of that won Oscar. The movie that rightly points the toughness of a newsroom. The characters have well maintained their position as assigned to portray.

Tom McCarthy very well plays with its characters to showcase what the media power could do or did to fight and reveal the truths of the Catholic Church in a mass case of sexual abuse. The heinous crime that was known to many, but kept hidden for the sake of some priority in the society was very well needed to be broken down to different irresponsibilities. The team ‘Spotlight’ of the ‘Boston Globe’ group becomes solely responsible to bring out the truth in the mainstream and they fight their heart out for same.

The movie is bang on target to uncover the scandal. The characters are beautifully acted with a special mention to all victims played and their emotions that flow with each set of heart-wrenching questions. The way the reporters try and dig out evidences and fight with various emotions to reveal the truth inside needs special applause.

Not to forget our very own angry green man of the Avenger series. Ruffalo has been just awesome when it comes to showcase his other side of talent. The way he shows his desperation or in fact we can say frustration in some scenes is worth goosebumps.

The movie, though a reality, shows how the media with perfect journalism talent can be spotted on their actual targets to reveal the actual truth. Oscar deserved the hold of “Spotlight”.


With love,


A review of movie Wazir 2016

**** Review – Wazir…****


When you have the support of the Rook, a pawn can aim to be the real Wazir (Minister). When a crook becomes a disturbing king, it’s time for the end of its reign.

Wazir is a good thriller, may not be the greatest, but a brave one. Unique at its style director Bejoy Nambiar hits the right spot in the mind games. Beautiful song to begin with, the movie then creates a suspense that makes you hold your seat till the end. The movie is of very short duration and you won’t feel the pain of sitting till the movie ends. Acting wise Farhan holds a good grip, but the man that gives the check-mate is none other than the Big man – Amitabh Bachhan as Panditji, the differently-abled grand-master. Rightly played with the flow of emotions, the movie gives you a real suspense that ends with a sigh of relief and smile on one’s face. It also gives you a hope that few things if made with the right slot of the brain can make things possible in an impossible step of a game. A game of chess is always a mind game and that belief is rightly held throughout the movie. And a note of a beautiful friendship of two valuable characters gives us Goosebumps with the flow of its play.

Wazir was a beautiful watch.

 “Khel khel mein, khel khel ke, khel khel yeh aa jayega … haar jeet se, haar jeet ke, jeet haar sikhayega … khel khel mein”

With Love,


Review of Tamasha – 2015 movie

***** TAMASHA – a brilliant art ***** – my review


As I saw it, I lived through it. It’s NOT for all set of audiences. Many can never connect the dots the director/writer wanted to portray. As I went deeper into the characters, it seemed as if they were enacting my thoughts. Many things still untold within me and the reality of mine are in deep slumber. A brilliant piece of a different story telling makes you believe that yes, there are a few directors or writers who can go beyond the land of the rat race.

On this daily routine of a life in which you are not what you wish to be but still for the society you behave abnormal by being normal. And then re-enters the fortune maker of your life who knows you by heart and what you really are; maybe by Don or any other artistically real character. But, ‘Mona Darling’ gets disappointed by not finding the missing ‘Don’ and then goes away saying “You are not what she believed she knew”. Then you realize that you somewhere had missed a story and your emotions keep wandering the globe around you. You go to your childhood story teller or in fact your real teacher in search for your own story’s end, but end up realizing that you can yourself pen your ending by listening to your heart as the lyrics say “Dil ka bhanwar kahe sun sathiya, chup na dupate me tu oh chaliya”.

I can say that there are many moments in the movie, which can make you go “wow”. Like the emotions with which Tara runs for Ved after the parting scene or the monologue in which Ved narrates his inner story to his Dad.

Beautiful cinematography makes you feel awesome and of course Corsica is a dream place and then one comes to the direction which makes you feel special since you have been privileged to notice a masterpiece of Imtiaz Ali. The emotions which Tara shows while moving up and down stairs after seeing Ved after four years is an example of Imtiaz’s immense talent. It’s indeed a brilliant direction. And then the music and lyrics; I’m not anyone to review A.R Rahman and Irshad Kamil.

Coming to acting part, I have nothing to say about Ranbir Kapoor since I’m awestruck with his fantastic acting. Deepika Padukone is one of the most beautiful and gracious actress. And Piyush Mishra gives story telling a new image.

Overall, it was an awesome experience of direction, acting, music and cinematography.

‪#‎Tamasha‬ – a brilliant form of abstract art for some set of audience to understand by getting deep into its characters.

“Wahi kahaani phir ek baar, majnu ne liye kapde phaad, aur tamasha beech baazaar.”

With love,


In Search of Peace

In search of Peace



All hell broke loose when a national political party started falling apart in the bigger part of the nation. Riots were all over the country and curfew was spreading like plague. But, our protagonist was still holding her hand, when everyone had lost hope in her recovery. She had faced the faith’s trauma; hemorrhagic stroke had made her half dead by now. And her wedding bells were to ring just after two days.

No ambulance was available on time and dimness was spreading into her eyes. Rishi, the protagonist of this story was ready to take her to the bigger hospital of the city amidst all the burning roads. Srinipa was nearly dying and hence, Rishi didn’t cared for his life in the riot. He was brave enough to carry her in his arms and putting her in front of his bike, he sped off through the tensed streets.

“Zooozzz aah”, a sound was heard on the state hospital road since Rishi was hit on his back and he fell down from his bike; still managing to balance Srinipa in his arms. The rogues on riots had managed to do their horrendous act. Rishi pleaded them not to beat him since he had to save another life but all plea fell on deaf ears and the barbaric stage got designed. After the road show, he was profusely bleeding though he still had the strength to carry her on his swollen arms and drag himself on the road to the hospital. His bravery counted and managed to save the other life, but he was critical with a hope of optimistic love curing him soon. Both Srinipa and Rishi were in the same hospital for months. Srinipa had shown the sign of recovery bit early but Rishi was still critical.

Months passed, the situation was also normal in the country and politics was on track, but the hero all this while was struggling for his life, all thanks to the hatred that got spread due to the political uproar.

I never understood why hatred is even a part of this world when love is the solution for everything. I feel the pain when people act like butchers and somewhere the humanity in them is dead and they are blindfold to all dove around. Why can’t we have a place where only love is the religion for all and peace as the only preacher? Few things make me feel disturbed in this world, may it be terrorists attack or may it be a simple kill for revenge or honour. But, why? Why can’t things be simple in this world and peace all over?

The above short story which I narrated is only to portray a part of the pain which the love of this world faces; the dream of harmony faces. Rishi is fine now but he needs support while walking and Srinipa is the best life partner he could have ever received.

Let’s hope and vow to bring prosperity and peace all over than any hatred. And pray that the world understands the true meaning of glory.

“Accord can only count significant, if life is made simple and its journey is full of humility for all.”

With Love,


Back to school — “Chhoti Waali”


“Chhoti Waali…

Those days were really fun. It used to begin with Mama’s breakfast early in the morning and me getting all ready for school to catch the auto. I still remember my preparatory days and the fun I used to have then. It was my kindergarten and that particular day which I’m able to recall now was actually the day of Fancy dress competition. With all excitement I woke up early in the morning like a Royal tiger and begun running behind my Mama to dress me up. I had seen the new T-shirt that was bought for me having the color pattern of a tiger. I was happy to be dressed up as a tiger that day. I had a small thought behind somewhere that today at school all my friends would respect me since I was the tiger for the day. I was also happy because “Chhoti Waali” was going to be dressed up as a fairy and she had already informed me the other day (I can’t recall her name, but she was a Punjabi girl in my class and had two pony hairs and thus I used to call her “Chhoti Waali”). I thought I can impress her to be my best friend by giving her small chocolates (those orange candies of 25 paisa each), which my mama had given me while leaving for school that day and my new look shall surely make me look like a super hero among all for her. Somewhere at that age I had a soft side for her, may be because she was the one who had come up to me on my very first day of school and asked me not to cry.

So all dressed up like a royal Bengal tiger, I was bang on time to school. I was naughty enough to make faces at any passerby towards school and tried to scare them thinking that they might think me as a real tiger straight out of the Jungle. What a perfect entry to school it was; I saw “Chhoti Waali” in front of me dressed as a real fairy as I had seen in my books. Impressed I left Papa’s hand asking him to leave as I can go all alone now since I was the brave tiger today and all in school would pay respect to me. Papa asked me not get naughty at school and behave properly with all. I ignored and went straight to “Chhoti Waali” with the candies in my hand. And then what? I was scared by her scream and the sudden cry of her looking at me. What was that!!!! Did I looked so horrible that almost all of my classmates got scared of me and to my stupidity I tried to roar like the real tiger and then all moved a distance away from me, screaming. I didn’t care for any other kid but why was “Chhoti Waali” so scared and crying and thus I also started crying. Teachers tried to comfort us and my favorite teacher came towards me and tried to pacify me. I still remember telling her that mam why was that “Chhoti Waali” crying, ask her not to cry and I can’t see her cry. And mam had laughed it off moving her hands over my head. Later after sometime all things were back to normal but my “Chhoti Waali” never talked to me. I still remember taking pictures that day and then while coming back from school to home I was pretty dull, thanks to my scary looks.

The next day was normal and I don’t remember how my days departed in that school after that. And I don’t know where “Chhoti Waali” is these days; in-fact after changing school in standard One I was not in touch with anyone.

Those days were superbly exciting and peaceful.

With love,

Rajdeep (October 24, 2013)

Angels of my life (1st Poem)


Angels of my life

She is the one I smiled first at,

She is the one who made me blush at the glare of this realm,

Alone I came but with all her pain…


She is the lady with the worldly strengths to bear all in this flora and fauna…

She gave me supremacies to learn and ripe in the tie of this ecosphere,

But never uttered a word of agony in her expressions…

I nurtured with her to a youth but she grew with me aged,

Never expecting me to give her support at her age,

Still she kept taking up responsibilities for me, without uttering any ache…


 Being my ‘best friend’, she fathoms the need of the other angel for me,

And accepting the importance of this new angel for my happiness;

She will hint the path for a new lady in my life…

And thus will enter a new angel with all different cares,

With the woe of thoughts that may be at once, she would leave her childhood behind,

Without even a glimpse of agony in her expressions,

She accepts the fact of leading a new life with the one she loves…

Even this angel will nurture me to take up all responsibilities,

And hence will make me a man from a boy…


My angel would be bearing all pains of grooming my family,

Same way without uttering a word of pain,

She will trail the footprints of my chief angel…

One may not get the importance of both these angels,

But for me these two will be forever significant…

Soon the time will come when my chief angel will realize the need of the other,

Soon my love would be my succeeding angel forever…


With Love,


The paradise of a pious relation


The paradise of a pious relation

Those words of wisdom will remain forever in someone’s mind being cherished as some wonderful notes after a gale that had blew away some beautiful seconds of their life. It’s not about me, you or some society around them, it’s about everyone associated with them and it’s about both the connections that have to be perfectly networked with no crash in signal packets. Few sentences where that fairy mentions that they should be parallel in their path and let them wait for the apt time till their connections are cross-connected, makes the tie even stronger. Everything happens for good and everything is hopeful to be perfectly alright for them. That someone then carries a lot of patience to understand all those magical words and learn a lot from her. His imagination is unable to foresee, the distance she spiritually thinks of. That expectation of leading life parallel gets angled since a dream of someone perfect then gets hypnotized to his gray cells.

People who naturally are familiar with him know the simplicity within him and that plainness can get spiritual only when some heavenly strong fundamentalist holds your path forever. Now it’s just the path that needs to be connected with a pious grace. The beauty of a relationship remains forever when it’s surrounding gets joyous with the magic of its mysticism. It’s not how others think of it; it’s how we make others chant of it.

Coming to perfection; none can be saintly perfect, but, it’s the balance to perfection of both the sides of the weighing scale that leads to an ideal relationship forever. This might be an exquisite literate to some but it forms an eternal literature for some aromatic lives. Then, that fairy can form a blessing for that someone’s life and then awaits a history to be written unremittingly for making the potential world follow those routes for achieving the real harmony for life.

PS: Just few random thoughts

With Love,